Sustainability at Bernardo 1946


We, at Bernardo, deeply care about what kind of world we’ll leave behind for future generations. The brand embraces the values of sustainable and ethical fashion. We hope to do our part to improve and change the second most polluting industry in the world: fashion. We aim for a fashion industry that respects people, environment and creativity, that nurtures dialogue and community and ensures sustainable and ethical practices; an industry that is willing to overcome the current, frenetic and consumerist model focused on quantity instead of quality, on impulse instead of need, on low prices instead of ethics.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously, and we want your choice of Bernardo shoes to reduce your carbon footprint’s impact. The aim towards a sustainable elegance and handcrafted comfort allows us to stay true to the brand’s roots and mission:  founded in the 40s by a marvelous artist and architect who wanted to free the foot from confining footwear of the time. Because this commitment is at the heart of every Bernardo collection, we want to keep you updated by sharing some of our sustainability progress and efforts via this page, so check back from time to time for news.

Bernardo Shoes - Handcrafted in Brazil

Mitigating Environmental Impact

We source and manufacture all Bernardo footwear in Brazil, a country known for artisan handcrafted shoes. All our leather originates in Brazil and is processed in local tanneries that are gold or silver accredited. By sourcing locally and shipping to the US`from Brazil we significantly reduce our transit green-house gas emissions.

Conscious Production - MADE TO LAST

Our shoes are handcrafted in Brazil at family-run factories, whose artisanal tradition and skills have been passed down through generations. Supporting a local heritage and craft is extremely important to us and each pair of shoes is made with respect for the artisans who make them. Bernardo 1946 focuses on creating long-lasting footwear instead of unsustainable fast fashion: smaller production runs in smaller factories help reduce consumption by reducing waste and inventory excess. Bernardo sandals can walk with you through life, always providing the same comfort and elegance as the first day.

Bernardo Shoes - Handcrafted in Brazil
Bernardo Shoes - Handcrafted in Brazil

Plastic Free Sandals

We try to minimize the use of plastics and other petroleum derivatives in our shoes, and when this cannot be avoided we use available recycled materials. Many of our styles contain no plastic at all, while other brands’ soles and heels are often made of plastics. We use vegetable tanned (no chrome) leather outsoles on most of our styles and where possible we use genuine stacked leather heels rather than plastic heels covered with leather. Vegetable tanning uses colors free of metals, oils and other damaging materials. We use corrugate sticks and our shoe boxes, packing paper and marketing materials are made from biodegradable, recycled materials. We also reuse shipping boxes of returned products.

Tree Certificate

We support reforestation to restore a healthy environment after fire damage on the west coast, by donating proceeds from sales to

Bernardo1946 Trees Planted Certificate
Bernardo 1946 supports Soles4Souls's


We are constantly striving for the best but there is always room for more! From the moment a company is active it will inevitably have an environmental impact. It’s for this reason that Bernardo frequently donates proceeds to important charities that help make a difference in many ways. In the last two years we have partnered with OneTreePlanted,, Soles4Souls, No Kid Hungry, Direct Relief, American Red Cross and breast cancer survivor events.

The People

Looking out for the environment and the people who work with us is our first mission. We are thankful for each customer who has chosen Bernardo throughout the years, recognizing the beauty, quality and longevity of our footwear. The Bernardo family is small, special and very close - we are proud of all our local manufacturers and suppliers, every partner and each team member that makes this journey possible.

Bernardo Shoes - Handcrafted in Brazil
Bernardo Shoes - Handcrafted in Brazil
Bernardo Shoes - Handcrafted in Brazil
Bernardo Shoes - Handcrafted in Brazil