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Platforms and stable dress heels are making a comeback!


Want to elevate your style game? Well, get ready to step up because platform shoes and stable dress heels are making a bold and fashionable comeback! These iconic footwear trends from the past have resurfaced in the modern fashion scene, adding height, confidence, and a touch of nostalgia to any outfit. Let's dive into how platforms and heels are taking the fashion world by storm once again!


Knox and Kenny

Starting off strong, we have our naturally heightening Knox and Kenny Mules. These retro footwear gems inspired by the '70s and '90s can enhance your look just by adding some inches! Whether you want a woven, beaded, or raffia upper, these styles will surely become your outfit's main event. At just a glance, both styles exude that summery, retro vibe we’re going for this season. What’s the best way to achieve that look? Denim, of course! You can pair this denim romper with either Knox or Kenny, in any color!

Knox Platform Kenny Raffia and Knox




Spring’s favorite shoe: the Jolie Platform Sandal! The perfect combination of boho and modernism, the Jolie is cohesive with any outfit for any time of day. Throw on a bright sundress for a brunch with your besties, and pair it with our Jolie sandals in Citron. For a dinner date on vacay, a pair of white trousers and a black wrap long sleeve is a flawless way to wear the Jolie Raffia Sandal in Black. There are endless ways to style these unique platforms!

Jolie Raffia Jolie Citron



Miami Flair

If you need a versatile, staple shoe for the Summer, our Miami Flair is for you! For a sophisticated and polished look, these sandals are your best friend. These classic shoes have a chunky, sturdy heel that provides balance and stability, making them perfect for all-day wear. One of the reasons stable dress heels have made a comeback is that they are perfect for the modern woman on the go. They are suitable for special occasions, like this strapless jumpsuit, or a fancy brunch out with friends, like this flowy floral dress. You can pair either piece with any color Miami Flair!

Miami Flair

Miami Flair



The Beaufort 2 Sandal is the essential shoe for warm weather. Its braided upper radiates those beachy vibes just in time for Summer. Imagine yourself on vacay in Santorini wearing this simple white midi beach dress, paired with any color Beaufort! What could be better? However, if you are looking for something on the casual side, don’t worry- our Beaufort Sandal can do it all! A classic pair of denim shorts and a sleek blouse is an effortless and comfortable fit!

Beaufort Sandal Beaufort Sandal



The embodiment of a subtle accent piece, the Belize Sandal. The crocheted and beaded upper is the perfect garnish for any simple ensemble. This sophisticated black satin romper with any color of the Belize Sandal works for any event! The dress’s flowy silhouette contrasting with the detailed embellishment of the shoes creates a versatile and chic look!

Belize Sandal Belize Sandal