Exhibitions to see before the end of the summer - New York, Boston, Miami, Austin, and San Francisco

Art Exhibitions

As summer is coming to a close, it’s time to take advantage of the last few weeks of good weather and of the summer expositions that will soon end. Whether you’ve been going to events and exhibition all summer long, or you’ve just started thinking about the ones you have missed, there is bound to be a showing that catches your eye on this list.


New York

For the New Yorkers that haven’t had a spare moment to indulge in a museum binge, it’s never too late to start.

A good place to start is at the MoMA, which has a few opportunities for free admission. On the first Friday of each month, the museum stays open late with free entry for New Yorkers if you reserve in advance. From 4pm-8pm, you are free to roam the galleries, grab a drink, or even catch a film.

In addition to the main galleries on 53rd Street, the museum also has a location in Long Island City, Queens. The MoMA PS1 offers an incredibly unique experience at the elementary school turned art gallery filled with emerging artists and groundbreaking experimental exhibits. PS1 has a pay as you wish policy for NYC residents and is constantly opening new exhibits and hosting events.

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With the quiet summer coming to an end in Boston, the flood of students from around the world will be returning and moving back into campus. To escape the masses, a quiet, relaxing, and inspirational museum visit will be just what the doctor ordered.

A great starting point is the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, whose beauty is truly appreciated in the warmer months. While the Palace has been kept the same for more than a hundred years, the new wing is home to new showings and expositions of all kinds. Similar to the MoMA, on the first Thursday of each month the Gardner Museum has free entry from 3pm-9pm by reserving beforehand.

Another showing you cannot miss is at the Museum of Fine Arts, where in their new you can get a rare behind the scenes look at the conservation of Japanese Buddhist Sculptures in an open studio. The exhibition is only on view on certain days outlined on their website, it is worthwhile and incredibly rare to see how conservators bring ancient pieces back into shape this close up. If you don’t get an opportunity to watch the conservation, there are plenty of other showings such as one honoring expressionist artist Philip Guston that you can view.

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Full of numerous worthwhile exhibits, a visit the Perez Art Museum Miami is guaranteed to be intriguing and a fun time. Supporting mostly Latin American Modern Artists, the exhibitions discuss subjects such as race, culture, societal expectations, and more in an immersive experience. Truly one of a kind. Before they end, try and catch Zhivago Duncan’s sculptural installation Pretentious Crap or Marisol and Warhol take New York that explores the artists rise to fame.

On the second Saturday of each month, the PAMM offers free admission to all and hosts many events such as, activities for children, guided tours, guest artists, film screenings, performances, and much more.

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While the heat is not gone just yet, in just a few weeks, the weather will be getting cooler and more palatable. This is the perfect time to spend in museums, where the cool AC and beautiful artwork make you forget of those 95º days.

The Henry Ransom Center at the University of Texas hosts original and thought-provoking exhibits that have been sources of inspiration for countless creatives. The galleries offer free admission and exhibitions that are constantly rotating, such as the Drawing the Motion Picture exposition which details the complex process of bringing a motion picture to life from the silent film era to today.

If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors, the Umlauf Sculpture Museum offers a scenic and inspirational promenade in the tree covered oasis. Showcasing Charles Umlauf’s original work and capturing the genius of 20th century techniques and a variety of subjects. A museum visit is just the tip of the iceberg, the Umlauf museum offers countless events, such as morning yoga, live music, guided tours, and even pumpkin carving in the fall!

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San Francisco

Two captivating and colorful, contemporary exhibitions make SFMOMA the perfect place to end summer. As the nature around us will start soon to change from a bright color palette to a warm color palette. At the Contemporary Optics exhibit by artists Eliasson, Teresita Fernández, and Anish Kapoor you will dip into the vocabulary of color theory developed by Op art painters in the 1960s, and through optical and sensory experiences get a deeper understanding of colors perception. For a focus on color, shapes and movement don’t miss the Dissonant Harmony exhibition by Alexander Caleder.

A must-see is also the Diego Rivera’s America exhibit. Creator of a modern Mexican art that celebrated native traditions and diversity, Rivera believed art should be seen and enjoyed by all people. Representations of history, politics and labour from both sides of the US-Mexico border, embodied Rivera’s vision of the Americas as a single entity. There is a special connection to the city of San Francisco, as it was the site of Rivera’s first murals in the US.

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