There are very few annual household tasks that are as exciting as fishing that old box of Christmas decorations and turning your house into a Winter wonderland! The most wonderful time of the year is finally here, and there is much to be done; make sure you remember everyone’s gifts, your decade-old ornaments are still intact, and the fam’s matching Christmas PJs are out for delivery! Most importantly, however, make sure the dining table is looking fabulously festive for this year’s Christmas dinner. Don’t stress, though. Just because it’s the most important does not mean it can’t be fun to create! That’s right- we’re going DIY this Christmas! We have some beautiful table-setting ideas (and festive desserts) you can make with the kids or on your own that will ensure you sleigh this year’s Christmas dinner!

Bright Boho

Time to get merry and boho bright! If you’re tired of throwing the same color scheme on the table for your Christmas dinner parties, don’t worry- we’ve got you! This French country farmhouse-inspired tablescape is the perfect idea for you to switch it up this holiday!


First, for your place settings, these beautiful aqua plates atop this rattan charger will make your guests feel like they’re dining in the beautiful French countryside! Next, accompany your place setting with classic silver cutlery and small wine glasses. To complete the look, top off the plates with individual stems of faux lavender. This seemingly minute detail will add a crisp feel to the table. Now you’ve got yourself some simple-yet-stunning place settings.


The beauty of this table setting is that it can be used for any occasion. That said, it’s time to add some Christmas cheer to this table! Line the table with this frosty lit garland to get your guests in the spirit, and you’re all set!


Now comes the fun part! Your guests will be so impressed when they find out your macrame table runner came from your own two hands! This table runner will surely tie in that boho vibe for your guests. Follow this quick tutorial, place it across the table, and you’re all done! Feel free to bring the kids in on this little project as well- this is a super fun craft and easy to learn.


Arguably one of the best parts of the holiday season is making and decorating some delicious Christmas sugar cookies! This recipe is a great way to display your creative side to your guests (and to show off your baking skills). This could also become a fun family project to get in the holiday spirit, as the kids might want to help decorate!

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Flawlessly Festive

There’s nothing like a cluttered and busy table setting to swipe away your appetite instantly. Luckily for you, we have this beautiful table setting that sings simplicity like a Christmas carol!

This décor approach does not beat around the bush! To get started, lay some small wreaths along the center of the table. Next, ring in the holiday season with these lovely gold bells! Line the bells along the side of the wreaths to add a simple yet eye-catching accent.


Next on the list: place settings. Simple white plates are the way to go for this table setting to keep from cluttering up the table's aesthetic. Underneath the plates, place these acacia wood chargers for a warm, rustic feel. Next, add some gold cutlery to match the bells and accentuate the gold accent of the table. Lastly, cool down the tones of the table with these neutral linen napkins. Your minimalistic place setting is complete! Get the full tutorial here!

Finally, the center of the centerpiece! This quick and easy craft has a lovely way of reminding your guests of that classic Christmas ambiance. All you have to do is fill some mason jars up a quarter full with Epsom salt, throw in some cranberries, and top it off with some faux juniper branches. These fresh elements of Christmas are perfect for adding warmth and familiarity to the table. Place these adorable jars inside each wreath, and your centerpiece is done! Look here to see the full tutorial!

If you don’t have enough time to go all out for your dessert, worry not! These bite-sized red velvet cake balls are just the thing to satisfy your guests at the end of a delicious Christmas dinner. However, enjoy the charming presentation of the dessert while it lasts - these treats will surely be gone in seconds!

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